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Step by Step Guide to Windows 2008 R2 Installation

Posted by Brajesh Panda on December 31, 2009

Let me take you through a basic installation guide for Windows 2008 R2. For this documentation I have used a full blown Windows 2008 R2 Hyper-V box. In this Hyper-V box I have some other couple of test machines. Now I have created a Hyper-V Virtual Machine with 2GB of RAM & 127GB Expandable Virtual IDE Hard Drive.

If you are thinking to install Windows 2008 R2 Server on a physical machine like Dell, HP & IBM you can ignore Hyper-V stuff. However you may have to use OEM Server Build DVD to boot up your server to kick off the installation. OEM DVD software usually asks you to insert the OS DVD at the right time.

Okay… Let’s start our virtual machine. I am booting up my virtual machine from a Windows 2008 R2 ISO file. Here is the VM Booting Screen!

After your server boots up to Windows 2008 R2 DVD, you will able to see the Locale setting screen. Over here you can chose the language of your operating system, time & currency format & of course Keyboard layout. I used keep default settings. Hence let’s click “Next” & move forward.

Now you are on the “Install Now” page. This is one the most important page in the course of installation.

If you are just installing a new server you can click “Install Now” & move ahead or you can click “Repair you computer” that will take you to server repairing & diagnostic center.

This is a new installation, so I don’t have to click on Repair option. But just to show case you what is inside let’s click on Repair Option.

Wow here is a small tiny window with two radio buttons.

Select the 1st Radio button “Use recovery tools” & click Next

Here is another window with three different options. Command Prompt is like Recovery Console in old windows servers. System Image Recovery can be used to recover a completely failed server from an image. We will cover these topics in a different posting. Let’s close this window & move back to installation window.

Setup is Starting up J

In Operating System selection page you can select right operating system as per your license & click Next

Here you are on the License Terms page. Accept EULA & click Next

As this is a new installation select Custom Installation.

Installation wizard will represent you the local storage management page. Over here you can create different partitions & file systems for installation.

By clicking on New you can define a new partition size. After you typed your required value click on Apply. Over here I am creating a partition of 80GB

You can select Format icon to format the partition with a file system. But if you select Next Installation wizard will create default NTFS partition.

I have clicked on Next & now Installation wizard is giving me warning that it will create another partition for server operation i.e. for boot loader. Click Ok.

Installation Wizard created Two Partitions for me i.e. One 80GB & another 100MB System Reserved Partition for boot loaders etc. Click Next & it will take more than 30mins for installation

After installation server will get rebooted automatically & it will pop-up to change the logon password. Lets click okay and change the initial password

Wow our machine has been installed

Will catch you later guys J


2 Responses to “Step by Step Guide to Windows 2008 R2 Installation”

  1. Saurabh Shrivastava said

    How can we migrate WIndows Server 2003 Rx to Windows Server 2008 R2?

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