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Backup Exec De-Duplication Low Disk Space Issue

Posted by Brajesh Panda on August 30, 2010

I am still investigating on this issue… I will post my results as soon as I found solution.

Physical Folder Space

è E: = 8TB

è 15% threshold of 8TB = 655GB,

è E:BackupExecDeduplicationStorageFolder = Used for De-Duplication Device = 4.26TB

è E:Test-Disk-To-Disk1 = Used for Exchange Disk to Disk = 2.47TB

è 8TB – 655GB – 4.26TB – 2.47TB = 645GB free LUN Space (physical space). But still De-dup is giving error low disk space!! We have 645GB free & backup should work ever before garbage process runs! Why it is not working??

è Paused – Restarted Services but no luck

è Applied BE 2010 SP1. Overwrite old hotfixes & ORPHAN 14.4 patch. So again copied over orphan 14.4 files to program files. But still no luck

After 12:40AM -> It automatically started working.


3 Responses to “Backup Exec De-Duplication Low Disk Space Issue”

  1. dedupe-freak said

    your space issue occured at less than 25% free which is weird.
    I would suggest upgrading the BE 2010 R2.

  2. I have already upgraded, not much benefit. Now I am cleaning up overwrittable media twice a week. Don’t know what is going on with this product.

    Now I am observing weird issue with my duplicate backup jobs, ticket is open with Advance tech support without any solution.

  3. jrmbtr said


    Any updates? I don’t know of the ORPHAN patch you referenced, but I hardly see the purpose of DeDup if I have to manually intervene so oftern.

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