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Optimize CRM 4.0 Org Import – Registry key & User Mapping file

Posted by Brajesh Panda on November 4, 2010

è Try to use latest roll ups in your environment

è Optimize Org Import by creating a DWORD registry entry “OptimizeOrgImport” with value 1

è If you are using Active Directory to map users, you may like to point your CRM server by creating below registry entry.

è Try to use User Mapping file for Import.

o To use this method you have to 1st generate User Mapping XML file.

o Start Org Import wizard & select “Generate a new mapping file”, browse & provide a path & file name for the file & click import

o This will generate a blank mapping XML file. Like below screenshot

o If you like to map same old user set in the new environment, you have to populate user AD authentication credentials between double quotes of new=””

o Use Visual Studio for mass modification of the same. Open the XML file in Visual Studio & do “Ctrl + H” & use below parameters to do necessary edit in the XML file

§ Find What: “{([a-zA-Z\]+)(([a-zA-Z0-9]*)|([a-zA-Z0-9]*.[a-zA-Z0-9]*))}” new={“”}

§ Replace With: “\1″ new=”\1”

§ Make sure to select USE: Regular Expressions

§ Click on Replace All

o Now use the new XML file for CRM Org Import


4 Responses to “Optimize CRM 4.0 Org Import – Registry key & User Mapping file”

  1. bet365 said

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  2. Folks; I have corrected the replacement syntax to “\1” new=”\1″…it should work now.

  3. jbinaz said

    Thanks! I’m using VS 2010 SP1 and think I found an issue. There seems to be an extra closing parentheses near the end. Your post has (I just included the last bit):

    *))}” new={“”}

    I was able to get it to work by changing it to:

    *)}” new={“”}

    But it still saved me a TON of time. I had tried to create a RegEx for this purpose but finally gave up after I realized I’d spent more time that it would have taken to manually update the file myself. Nice work!


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