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P2V Migration Gotcha 2: Event ID 6013 OLEDB Error, SQL Server doesn’t exist or access denied

Posted by Brajesh Panda on April 9, 2012

  • VMWare Converter uses Microsoft Software Shadow Copy Provider services to take VSS base snapshot of the source machine & transport the same to vSphere environment.
  • As you may know VSS comes with different application related VSS writers (like Exchange, SQL etc), if any of the VSS writer didn’t did their job properly converter will not able to do it’s conversion job.
  • Migration may not reported as failed in the converter console but it will be in hung state at “Creating a snapshot for source system” for quite some hours before you kill it with frustation.
  • In this case verify Application event log for any kind of VSS errors. Before you re-run the converter tool again make sure this VSS error is fixed.

  • Mostly you can disable the problamatic application & run the converter tool again. Here is a screenshot of SQL (MSDE) VSS error.
  • In this case I disabled MSDE service to make the converter run & after conversion we restarted the MSDE service again.

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