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Windows 2012: Deduplication

Posted by Brajesh Panda on July 16, 2012

  • Here are my testing results of Deduplication. There is a nice Technet blog article, where you can find all theoretical details.
  • Dedup can be managed from server manager or PowerShell
  • There is a free tool “ddpeval.exe” comes with Windows 2012 to evaluate how much space we will save if we enable Dedup. You can copy to another computer (2008 or 7 family) and run it.
    • I am using 2012 release candidate build 8400
    • Supports only NTFS file system (No ReFS Support yet)
    • For my testing I have copied two install.wim files of 2.9GB each to F Drive

  • Enable Dedup by right clicking the volume & selecting configure deduplication or “enable-dedupvolume f:”
  • Then attach a schedule when you like to run the Dedup process on file system
  • If you want to start immediately run “start-dedupjob f: -type optimization”

  • After completion of job here is the server manager screenshot showing how much space we save. We can use “get-dedupstatus”
  • Wow we are saving 49%, isn’t awesome 😉


One Response to “Windows 2012: Deduplication”

  1. Good stuff, Starting POC soon at personal end.

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