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IIS 7.5 FTP Administration Automation Powershell Script (APPCMD)

Posted by Brajesh Panda on July 26, 2012

Here is my FTP user provisioning script for IIS 7.5 FTP server. Later I will publish configuration steps for FTP & FTPS Server.

Most of the below command strings are not from PowerShell. But I used in a PowerShell script because it is easy to pass variables etc. APPCMD.exe is a new command line tool for IIS 7 & above. You will find it in C:\windows\system32\inetsrv. To make it work in your script make sure you configured environmnet variables.

Earlier it used to take 5mins to set up a user account mannually & always I used to forget to do something, resulting frustration. Now it is in seconds & robotic. Isn’t it awesome 😉

# Capture FTP User Details

$UserLogonName=read-host “Enter Logon Name”

$UserPassword=read-host “Enter Password”

$UserFullName=read-host “Enter Full Name”

$UserDescription=read-host “Who use this account?”

# Create Local FTP User, configuring Account Never Expire, User Can’t change password

net user $UserLogonName $UserPassword /add /passwordchg:no /expires:never /active:yes /fullname:$UserFullName /comment:$UserDescription

# Set the FTP user account’s password not to expire using WMI in Powershell

$WMI = gwmi win32_useraccount | where {$ -eq $UserLogonName}

$WMI.PasswordExpires = $False


# Add FTP User to FTP Users group. This group has permission to connect to this FTP server

net localgroup FTPUsers $UserLogonName /add

# Create FTP Directory for the above FTP user

mkdir C:\WEBRoot\Colliers-International_Com\$UserLogonName

# Create FTP Virtual Directory

appcmd add vdir /”FTP_Server/” /Path:/$UserLogonName /physicalpath:C:\WEBRoot\$UserLogonName

# Remove FTP Users group from the Virtual Directory. So nobody will able to access this folder

appcmd set config “FTP_Server/$UserLogonName” -section:system.ftpServer/security/authorization /-“[roles=’FTPUsers’]” /commit:apphost

# Add above FTP user to virtual directory authorization list with read & write permission

appcmd set config “FTP_Server/$UserLogonName” -section:system.ftpServer/security/authorization /+”[accessType=’Allow’,users=’$UserLogonName’,permissions=’Read, Write’]” /commit:apphost

# Automatically open FTP server using windows explorer

explorer.exe ftp://<URL>


2 Responses to “IIS 7.5 FTP Administration Automation Powershell Script (APPCMD)”

  1. Justin said

    Waiting for the post on configuration steps for FTP & FTPS Server. Running in to a few errors from this script, and have been able to correct most of them for myself, but I suspect I have a configuration error somewhere in IIS7.5 in relation to this script.

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