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SAML Claim Viewer

Posted by Brajesh Panda on January 3, 2013

From last few weeks I was integrating some applications to our ADFS farm. Well we have integrated more than 20 (Dev/Prod) instances. All of them working well; some of them are from our SharePoint 2010 Farm & some from external Cloud providers. And we are looking forward to integrate all applications into this platform. Free Active Directory Federation Services 2.0 is a great enabler for these technologies. Well there are few limitations/restrictions with this product but right now it is okay for us. For troubleshooting you may be wondering how I can see these invisible claims & make sure my claim rules etc. are configured correctly. I found two free tools for this purpose. All Credit & tanks goes to those developers who built them.

1. SharePoint Claim Viewer Web part: You can download this web part from and deploy it in your SharePoint farm. At the bottom of the page you will find the download link, or click it here. It is a nice & handy tool to see claim details. Here is a screenshot –

2. Firefox SAML Tracer; While the 1st one is specially developed for SharePoint, this Firefox Plugin can be used to trace any saml integrated web application. So you download SAML Tracer from here and install it in Firefox. If you are using recent version of Firefox you will able to see this plug-in under Firefox Menu – Web Developer – SAML Tracer. By clicking this start SAML Tracer tool (another window will come up) & just go ahead start accessing a SAML enabled Application. It will keep tracing all those URLs & related SAML Assertion claim etc. It also mark SAML HTTP header as SAML in colored fonts & also format the SAML claim in right format.


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