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How to KILL an ESXi Virtual Machine?

Posted by Brajesh Panda on January 17, 2013

Well most of the VMware administrators must know this. In past I have also posted another article about How to KILL a Hyper-v VM? I mostly use these steps when VM is unresponsive and power off button is grayed out.

  1. Run the esxtop utility using this command:
  2. Press c to switch to the CPU resource utilization screen.
  3. Press f to display the list of fields.
  4. Press c to add the column for the Leader World ID.
  5. Identify the target virtual machine by its Name and Leader World ID (LWID).
  6. Press k.
  7. At the World to kill prompt, type in the Leader World ID from step 6 and press Enter.
  8. Wait 30 seconds and validate that the process is no longer listed.

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