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1024 bit SSL (Encryption) Certs going away from December 2013

Posted by Brajesh Panda on April 18, 2013

Here is a blog article from Thawte.

You will also find other necessary Certification Authority/Browser (CA/B) Forum Baseline document.

Public CA companies are also going to start revoking 1024 bit certs near to the end of this year. So check out with your provider before you get locked out.

So right now you can get 1024 bit certificate installed but that will expiry by December 2013.

We just did for a legacy lotus 6 application. I am not a lotus admin so, don’t ask me about that. But if you still looking for how to generate a key ring file, csr, cert & install cert; check out this space later for some instruction.

Lotus 6 only support till 1024 bit key ring files. As we are not going to upgrade our Lotus environment, not sure what we will do after December, 2013. Probably in-house certificates from AD integrated CA.

Hope this info will help you!

Here is the Lotus key size requirement matrix.



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