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Trying out wordpress app for my blackberry!

Posted by Brajesh Panda on October 17, 2010

App testing :-). Seems to be good! I only need little big screen for my handheld device. But seems to be I can do micro-blogging too!

Thanks to all my readers for dropping by. Seems to be I will be crossing 15000 viewers soon!

Wow this is my 51 post!

With Love,


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Blackberry Mobile Application Deployment

Posted by Brajesh Panda on September 28, 2010

My dear friend Raymond helped me to gather these reference URLs. Seems to be awesome references in a single place. So thought to share with my readers!

Sorry Raymond,  don’t sue me for copyright infringement 😉

1) To prepare software configuration, please follow:

Software configuration

2) To deploy Applications, please follow

3) If its failed to be pushed out and we need to re-push again, please follow (Option 2):

It is recommended to turn off for 20 minutes and back on.

4) Install the shortcut via Blackberry Desktop Manager, please follow:

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