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Cloud Computing

Posted by Brajesh Panda on December 25, 2009

Way Back

Are we shifting to old days of technology?

Are we taking a backward step towards old days computing?

I think yes but in a refined manner. Today we are consolidating our computing infrastructure back to a Centralized Model, merely converting our commodity computers to a Thin Terminal. Remember those old computing era with a dump terminal telenting to a huge UNIX machine.
In current days computing has been commoditized brining more power in Server Computing and Home Computers. However in same time it increased the management & environment nightmares; of course CAPEX is also bringing a kind of stagnancy to the modern era computing. In the same time Service Oriented Architecture pushing the whole industry to adopt a refined modern era computing system called Cloud Computing!!

Although cloud computing is an emerging field of computer science, the idea has been around for a few years. However it still confuses most of technocrats to define it clearly. Cloud science is more similar to legacy Grid Technology which is based on parallel processing.

Let me try to keep it simple
Cloud computing is a way to deliver services rather than applications which is completely independent of underlying platform, infrastructure hardware & location. It is called could because services exist in a cloud of computers or servers which provide better resilience and on demand supercomputing capacity. These computers can be located in a same place or different place connected with private link circuit or public internet. Cloud computing can be used for;
Infrastructure as a service (Joynet, Amazon EC2, Nirvanix)
Platform as a service (Google Apps)
Software as a service (
Application, Data, Storage as Service

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