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iSCSI Target/Lun Configuration in Windows 2008 Storage Server

Posted by Brajesh Panda on January 14, 2010

In my previous blog post I have mentioned about the first look at Windows 2008 Storage Server. Let’s get into little dipper of this product & features.

If you remember I left my new Windows 2008 Storage Server VM for Windows update. After a day when I visited my lab found a bounch of patches has been updated on the server. Seems to be same kind of security hotfixes like other Windows Server. I always prefer to update my servers with windows updates, hence RTM gotcha can removed from the product.

I kept below targets for me for today’s exercise;

– Create A iSCSI LUN & assign to a Windows Server

From a long time I am using Opensource OpenFiler as an iSCSI storage box in my LAB and using for clusters etc. But current version of openfiler lacks “SCSI Persistent 3” commad support. So I can’t use the product with Windows 2008 Servers. I just read Operfiler forum moderator was talking this componnet will be available as a commercial plug-in in near future. Lets hope so!!

Let’s jump into our LAB & see what are the steps to get the iSCSI stuff work in Storage Server 2008.

Crap…no interface to configure iSCSI volumes, targets etc.. Sorry till today I didn’t get time to dive into any of the Storage Server documentations. After Investigation came to know you need a iSCSI Target Software for this kind of configuration. And you can download from your MSDN portal for testing/devleopment.

So you have to download below ISO files;
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Windows 2008 Storage Server Logon Password

Posted by Brajesh Panda on January 8, 2010

This is my first look at the product. I will keep writing about the product and how to do in next my postings. So don’t forget to check Storage Section!

Today I have installed Windows Storage Server 2008 in my LAB without reading any manual. Found, it is not letting me to create “PASSWORD” like other windows versions. After a Google search come to know it is “wSS2008!”

Installation is pretty straight forward like other Windows Versions. But after my 1st successful login it started installing “File Services” – Distributed File System. After that it started configuring my profile etc. & started shutting down. Not sure why?? I will find out that on a later day J

I was using 512MB RAM in a Hyper-V box & I felt like it damn slow…. I am going to increase it to 2048MB & will observe. Now it seems to be good J

Hey my mouse is not working in this Virtual Machine! Let me jump and install the Hyper-V Integration Software… ZZZZZZZ. Done… Asking to reboot… let’s go ahead for it!

Remote Desktop has been already enabled! I just enabled Windows update, let see how many updates are available for this product.

Windows update is showing downloading & installing! Surprise, I didn’t ask him to install updates… Anyway I am going for the day.

To be contd…..

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